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Head-to-toe Custom
Proofing photos
- Sep 12, 2019
You are a unique human being when we talk about evolution. Well, you need to truly express yourself from time to time. That will allow you to feel better about yourself and you will truly appreciate what you will have down the line. A custom ...  More
Shipping Options

Shipping Time -- You have the shipping option on order page to select the time frame to receive your item. In most cases we can deliver your bobbleheads according to the time frame you seleted. We send photos to you during production for approval, if any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job. If you need the doll for a specific date, please allow more time then needed to ensure a prompt delivery in time for the event.

Please note: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (National) such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th do not count within the delivery time.

Your production begins the following day after your photos and payment has been received. If you place your order Monday - the delivery time is XX days from Tuesday (excluding any Holidays). If the expected delivery date falls on a weekend day, your item will be received the following Monday.

All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS.

  • Standard sculpting (ships within 3-4 weeks, proofing) Our standard option used for those who want the doll and have plenty of time to receive them. This option offers full proofs and DHL delivery to your location. Each proof throughout each stage (Cartoon (if applicable), Head & Hair, Color and Body (if applicable). You will see your doll created in the likeness of the photo you provided. you can assist our artists in making minor adjustments to perfect the look of your doll.
  • Urgent sculpting (ships within 15 days, proofing) This option allows for possibly all your proofs but to meet the time line, we may have to move past a proof stage to meet your demand. In most cases proofs will be received and approved within the time frame. You are allowed to make changes to proofs, but keep in mind that can add upto 3 days per complete change, Otherwise, additional time may be needed to complete the job.
  • Super urgent sculpting (ships within 10 days, proofing) We still provide proofs for this option. Like our Urgent option, you should give us your feedback fast.
  • Wow, I need it now (ships within 5 days, no proofs) Our fastest option for the person who just cannot wait. This option is very fast, we will provide no proofs for this option. Keep in mind - we are very good at sculpting our dolls to look like the photos we are given. The quality of the photo assists us in making the sculpt. The success of our dolls is that we allow the proofs to be received, amended and or changed based on your feedback. When utilizing this option, we need to waive the proofs making the dolls resemble how we think they should, not with your feedback. Our satisfaction rate on this option is 70-85%. This is due to the ability for you to tell us crucial feedback in the creation.
  • We ship all the bobblehead dolls via DHL, we will provide a tracking number. you may get your bobbleheads within 2-5 days after shipped.