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Head-to-toe Custom
Proofing photos
- Sep 12, 2019
You are a unique human being when we talk about evolution. Well, you need to truly express yourself from time to time. That will allow you to feel better about yourself and you will truly appreciate what you will have down the line. A custom ...  More
How to Order

How to order and the next steps

Ordering is as easy as 1…2…3!!

1. Select the body type from our extensive gallery!! Select the options: hair, complexion, eyes or other options in the order form and load your pictures. If you need to get a full customized bobblehead doll made with your imagination of body, pose and head, then you need to load the appropriate pictures. Check out and you are done.

2. Proof Approval: We will send you a link by way of email approximately 9 days from the date of your order to preview the proof on our interactive online panel. Here you can also communicate directly with the artisans by posting your feedback or changes that you would like.

3. Once you approve the proof, our artisans will give the final touches to your own custom bobblehead and it will be shipped to you as per your shipping instructions.

It's that easy!!

Kindly Reminder:
1, For example, order is placed on January 2nd and with 15-day delivery, usually you can receive it on January 20th.
2, Our dolls can be shipped to any country in the world.
3, If you can not find any model online that close to your idea, you can please choose " Head-to-toe custom " and design the doll completely by yourself.
4, The producing for Smiling Face and Non-smiling Face is totally different, so please be cautious when you choose the picture for the doll.