Show Them How Proud You Are With These 5 graduation bobbleheads.

Do you have kids who just graduated or is it your parent? Is it a friend or a member of your extended family. These bobbleheads are a perfect gift to present to anyone, regardless their age or sex. Fully personalize these bobbleheads, sculpture the perfect look-like dolls for the graduates and forever immortalize the wonderful moment. Below is a list of beautifully crafted bobbleheads to choose from.

1. Graduation bobblehead doll, model #B10320.

Graduation signifies the passage from an institution of learning into a more sophisticated world, be it a higher institution of learning, or the general working population. This passage is one worthy of being celebrated, and this for good reason. Not everybody who gets into learning institutions graduate, and this is not because of any weakness on their part either. But if you know someone who graduated, this is a testament of great strength and resilience on their part. For this alone, they deserve praise, and a gift to show for it. This wonderful bobblehead would do just that. Get the celebrant this bobblehead to always remind them of what it took to get where they are now and how they made it through regardless.

2. Custom graduation bobblehead, model #3114070.

This graduation bobblehead depicts an outstanding student, and is indeed meant for outstanding students. Going through any learning institution is never easy, and it indeed takes an outstanding mind and level of will power to accomplish this feat. Any graduate is outstanding and for the fact that they graduated alone, they deserve to be celebrated and celebrated with. Get them this bobblehead depicting a man standing behind a pulpit to symbolize their outstanding performance. Here is the link to view the model

3. Happy graduation bobblehead, model #B10318.

Graduation is something every student starts anticipating from the very moment they get into any learning institution, maybe even before they get admitted in the first place. So there is no surprise that the graduate would be filled with happiness at finally archiving this goal. Seeing you and other well wisher makes them happier. Make them even happier by getting them this bobblehead depicting them grinning happily at their achievement and show them just how proud you are of their great feat they achieved. Get the bobblehead here

4. These two college students graduate bobblehead

College is a place where teenagers make what could very well be the most important bonds of their lives. From long-lasting friendships to relationships, the college life indeed is what makes the man out of the boy and the woman out of the girl. So coming out of college victorious, cos indeed to graduate is to be victorious, one deserves to be celebrated. But one is never really alone in this journey. Friends and family and there support helped every step of the way. In most cases, there is even that one special person. Celebrate this person today with this bobblehead, depicting that one person that was of most help, the one person you certainly couldn’t do without. Visit to get this bobblehead.

5. Harry Potter graduation bobblehead

All work and no play indeed makes jack a dull boy. No group of people need this piece of advice more than than than recent graduates. With all the stress of the academic and learning process, it is easy to see how this could easily be forgotten. Remind them with this bobblehead. What’s all the work for if you don’t spend time enjoying the fruit of your labour? Remind them relaxation is important, and who knows, with this bobblehead, they might just be reminded to take things slow and watch a movie or two before they burnout. You could get this bobblehead at

You could get these bobbleheads and more from All bobbleheads on the platform are fully hand-crafted and are sculptured to be both precise and comic. For this, a picture(s) of whoever you would like to be sculpture would be needed to get a good look-alike doll. The picture(s) need to have a good and clear view if the person’s face fr almost all bobbleheads. You might also need to give basic descriptions if you want extra details made included in the dolls.

Remember you could always make changes to each one to fit your specific requirements. If you do not find a model you want, you could always choose the “head to toes customized bobblehead” option to create yours entirely from scratch. Delivery usually takes between 3 to 20 days, and the bobbleheads usually range in size from 6.5 to 9.6 inches.

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