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Custom bobbleheads: Our Top Picks This Month

Need an innovative gift to please your family and friends and make them smile ? Our bobbleheads is the ultimate solution for you ! We are giving you the opportunity to please your beloved with a unique gift that will make them feel special ! And why not get a bobblehead even for yourself so that it puts a happy expression on your face just by looking at it ! And here below we chose for you our best selling custom bobbleheads for the month of July to get you inspired.


  • Personalized custom weightlifter with his beautiful bride bobblehead


A wedding is one of the most important and significant events in a couple’s life. The joy and excitement of that big day is one of the best feelings that someone could ever experience in a lifetime ! So why not capture these special moments in our personalized custom weightlifter with his beautiful bride bobblehead ! A beautiful sculpture with a touch of humour that you can even use to decorate the top of the wedding cake and keep later as a reminder of that beautiful day !

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  • Custom Christmas couple bobbleheads


Since we all love to keep that Christmas spirit what would be more pleasant than our custom Christmas couple bobbleheads ! Whether you’d like to to offer it as a Christmas gift or have it as your special fun item to embellish your house this bobblehead will certainly be your new favorite piece that you’ll enjoy looking at and showing to all your friends and family.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  • Male doctor in white doctor’s overall custom bobbleheads


It would be really great to show people how dedicated you are and how passionate you are about your job in this fun way ! Our male doctor in white doctor’s overall custom bobbleheads would make your patients feel more comfortable and would give a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, a teacher or simply someone committed to his job no matter what it is, we can make for you a custom bobbleheads that will show your passion !

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  • Custom Marilyn Monroe pose bobblehead dolls


Whether you are a big fan of the legend Marilyn Monroe or you are just searching for a the perfect gift for your beloved, charming, beautiful and fun our Marilyn Monroe bobblehead dolls would be an amazing gift for your friend who’s fascinated by the glamourous world of fashion and glitters ! It’s also something that you can get yourself to show your charismatic side, it would be your special piece that fascinates everyone who sees it.

  Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  • Glasses man playing the piano custom bobbleheads


If you are fond of the beautiful world of music and you want to show this passion in an adorable way our glasses man playing the piano custom bobbleheads is made for you ! Whether you actually play music or you are just crazy about the breathtaking melodies you can find your joy with us ! We can make a bobblehead with your face at the focus or you can choose your favorite musician and we we’ll sculpture a bobblehead for you that demonstrates your passion.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


  • Custom 5 people Family Team custom bobbleheads bulk


The Custom 5 people Family Team custom bobbleheads bulk is now a must have to decorate any family home ! You could make it to capture a special moment you went threw with your beloved family or simply to make a more creative kind of family picture ! It is also an absolutely amazing gift for your friends to remind them of the importance of family  and to give them an item that will embellish their houses and will spread some love just by looking at it.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.

Conclusion :

Now that we have introduced to you some of our best selling custom bobbleheads for the month of July that we hope you liked, you can set free your imagination and choose your own bobblehead ! Show your artistic side and pick every small detail in your customized bobblehead ! Just send us a clear picture of your choices and we will make sure that everything would be exactly as you wanted ! Customized bobbleheads are now a must have in every house or workspace to decorate and tell a special story with a touch of humour ! So what are you waiting for ? Get your own unique Bobblehead !


8 Humorous bobbleheads that will make awesome gifts

Sometime it becomes hard to make up your mind about the best presents to have for your nears and dears. Bobbleheads are an innovative and fun way to make special gifts. Whether it is for your loved one or for your friends, these sculptured dolls will definitely not disappoint you. Check out our Humorous bobbleheads that will make awesome gifts for any occasion.


1. Superman bobblehead dolls

A content and well-adjusted individual never considers life too seriously constantly and dependably sets aside a few minutes for humour and a feeling of fun. Indeed, even in the reality of the working environment, stress and pressure can simply be assuaged by a little diversion. Utilize a fun Bobblehead to empower pressure help and demonstrate that even you can some of the time let your hair down.

Click here and order your bobblehead dolls right away.


2. Man hold beer and fish bobbleheads

A must-have for every fishing lover out there because indeed, even the most devoted working individual needs to unwind sooner or later and to hang out with companions, enjoy a reprieve with family or just to appreciate a little isolation. These are things that total a very much healthy lifestyle. Regardless of whether your relaxing time includes fiery exercises, calm thought while angling or essentially sunbathing on a stylish shoreline, you will locate a full scope of practical easy-going Bobbleheads in our shop.

Click here for more details about this bobblehead.


3. Playing cards bobbleheads

Do you and your friends ace at cards, or are you just a fan of game in general? This bobblehead doll will be the perfect gift or memoir for you in any case because whether you are a hard working person, or a jovial person, everyone needs some method to relax. You should simply send a photo of whose model you need made and you are prepared to go. Make a point to have an unmistakable front view for a flawless portrayal. Delivery takes between 6-35 days.

Click here for more details.

4. Work man bobblehead dolls

Effective organizations are manufactured by incredible men and an extraordinary man presents himself to the world with planning, great preparation, the correct clothing and the utilization of the most elevated amount of expert, specialized or craftsman aptitudes. In this classification, you will discover customary business Bobbleheads very useful that will be bearing witness to your prosperity, and giving a entertaining, yet evident, proof of your bustling life.

You can see a sample and order here..

5. iPhone Holder Bobblehead


Why go for a typical phone holder when you get your very own personalised bobblehead iPhone holder? You can show the innovative and creative side of your personality with this unique bobble head and have a good laugh with your friends every time they see it.

What’s more, the dolled sculptures can be shipped anywhere in the world and we will show you head proofs, body proofs (if full custom is utilized) and colour proof every step of the way.

Click here for a sample and place your order today!

6. Strong body bobblehead

Whether your friend is a gym freak, a fitness freak, or he or she just believes in living healthy, this bobblehead doll will be the most perfect gift for them. When you place your order, each progression can be affirmed or altered, and if a change is asked for, we will correct the doll and give another confirmation –and when it is accepted by you, we will prepare your sculpture and ship it to you as a final step.

You can learn more about this bobblehead here.

7. Cooks bobbleheads

Cooking is such an important part of your day to day life, and being a chef is one of the most challenging careers out there. Honour this subtle yet necessary art with our custom cook bobbleheads that will go flawlessly well at your workplace or at your mantlepiece. Because, what better approach to demonstrate the world that you don’t consider everything seriously other than with an ‘Only for the sake of entertainment’ Bobblehead?

Check out this bobblehead and order here.

8. Doctor bobbleheads with gun and hammer

Show your patients and your friends an amusing side of you with this humorous bobblehead sculpture of  you or your doctor friend’s face standing with a gun and hammer. Also, having a working environment Bobblehead noticeable around your work area or in your workspace obviously expresses the fair sense of duty regarding your picked vocation or occupation.

Click here for more information about this bobblehead..



Most of our sculptures are between 6.5 Inch (Free) to 9.6 Inch. As all of our pieces are handmade, sizes can vary. We show you head proofs, body proofs (if required) and colour proofs. At each step, your order can be approved or modified. Once we receive approvals, we will bake and move on to the next stage, and we cannot move backwards.

7 best custom business bobbleheads in 2018

For all intents and purposes for any event you can consider, you can find a suitable bobblehead. They make awesome presents for groomsmen, are a brilliant present for spouses, relatives, kids or companions, and if you know anyone who takes their hobbies seriously, you can make a bobblehead based on their hobbies too! In that light, here are the seven best custom business bobbleheads for this year.


1. Best friends in formals bobbleheads

Who doesn’t love their best friends? They’re one of the reasons that our lives holds some meaning and becomes worth living, right? Irrespective of whether you see them every day, once a month or once in many years, a special friend will always hold a place in your heart and mind. So cherish that unbreakable bond you have with that awesome person and get them a customised bobble head with both of you giving the camera a big smile, in formal clothes, no less!

Go to for sample and more details.

2.  Man in black suit bobblehead

Dressing formally for the correct event indicates both duty and regard for your place inside any picked action. An awesome man isn’t made just by his rich formal dress, however such a man will dependably be seen, and developing the correct contacts is a certain route to the best. Be motivated to awesome things with a formal event Bobblehead.

Interested in ordering? Here’s your link:

3. Bobbleheads doll of busy man

We all know that time is money, and nothing is more precious to a man who moves around the clock. This custom bobbleheads doll of a busy man is an ideal gift for your busy friend. More than anything about giving one of these as a present is that they can keep it until the end of time. At whatever point they look at it they’ll recall the accomplishment and the friend who gave them the bobblehead as a splendid fun little blessing.

Go to for sample and more details.

4. Sales man Bobblehead

It’s a rough world with tough competition when it comes to salesmanship and everybody knows that to be a salesman, one has to be charming and convincing. What better way to honour this profession than by gifting the salesperson in your life a unique bobblehead with his or her biggest accomplishment in the background?

You can personalise the sculpture however you need, all you have to do is send us a picture you want us to use, and give us your exact requirements. After you order, the shipment can be made in 3 to 20 days based on your options. Click on for more information.

5. Man with cigar bobblehead


It is not only your success, but also your hobbies that define you. Effective organizations are manufactured by incredible men and an extraordinary man presents himself to the world with planning, great preparation, the correct clothing and the utilization of the most elevated amount of expert, specialized or craftsman aptitudes. In this classification, you will discover customary business Bobbleheads very useful that will be bearing witness to your prosperity, and giving an entertaining, yet evident, proof of your bustling life.

Visit for more details.

6. Man in office bobblehead

Celebrate your work life and environment in the most exceptional way possible. Make your office desk stand out with this cute bobblehead with you sitting behind your office desk, and share a good laugh with your colleagues and partners. Your bobblehead can even have props. Props for the bobbleheads incorporate Christmas trees, snowmen, presents, and then some.

Go to and place your order there.

7. Work man reading books bobblehead

Reading books is cultivated early into all of our childhoods and some people make a hobby out of it even with their busy schedule. This personalised bobblehead comes handy for all your bookwormslash businessmen friends who love reading a good novel in their leather chair by the fireplace! Your bobblehead can have even more props, including presents,  hats, trees and so much more. Just ask us what you need, and we’ll work towards giving you the best possible option.

Go to for more details.



The all the more fascinating thing is that now you can do it the way you like, implies that you would yourself be able to plan or make your own bobblehead. Well you can know better that how you will look the most entertaining so rely upon others, how about we do it without anyone else’s help. The main component in the subject is your creative energy. Give your considerations a chance to ride free with the goal that you would yourself be able to work out the most ideal bobblehead. So what are you waiting for? Get a pen and paper and cut out your fantasy bobblehead with your own hands and let your imagination run wild!

4 Awesome musician bobbleheads for music lovers

Bobbleheads are wonderful dolls to have, most especially when they are more than just dolls to you. You tend to appreciate them more when they are relevant and have some meaning to you. This is when the real effect of the bobbleheads are felt.

So if you are a musician, dancer, DJ, or just a music lover, then here are a few of the wonderful bobbleheads from mbobble you would absolutely love to have.

1. Personalized DJ bobblehead.

If you are a DJ (or would love to be one) and a bobblehead collector, your collection is definitely not complete without this one; and the reason is clear. Why have lots and lots of bobbleheads, and not have that one bobblehead that depicts you perfectly, doing what you love to do best?

Get this wonderful bobblehead at and get the most important piece in your collection. Even if you aren’t a collector, this bobblehead would still be a marvelous piece of decoration in your office or home. Do you have friends who are DJs but aren’t one yourself? Well, you could also get this one for them.

These dolls are made as perfect depictions of those they are intended for. Add a picture of you or the person you want to be sculpted when placing your order and get a look-alike doll. Typical sizes range from 6.5-9.6 inches.

2. Singer bobblehead.

It is a popular saying that music is the food of love, and this cannot be truer. Music is loved all over the world by everyone everywhere, and so is this bobblehead.

Get your own singer’s bobblehead, it doesn’t matter if you are a singer or not. Afterall, everyone loves music. You could get any style you want, with you in any position. You could customize any and everything, from your shoes to the microphone. You could even use your favorite musician as the focus (with your face of course) Check out this awesome Elvis themed bobblehead

3. Musician playing a piano bobblehead.

Here is another beautiful option to choose. A bobblehead depicting you playing the piano, and yes you can personalize everything about it, not only the face. Choose the type of piano, the color you want it to be, the position you want it to be, where you are on the piano and virtually everything else.

Do you know someone who plays the piano? Well, that’s great. This would make a perfect gift, regardless the occasion or lack of it. Just send a picture of the person to be sculptured with a clear front view to get a perfect depiction. Here is one of the models of “piano playing bobbleheads” There are also more options to choose from. You could also have the bobbleheads made from scratch.

4. Dancer bobblehead.

If music is the food of love, then dance is the water of love. Dance, like music, brings the world together and puts a smile on everyone’s face; and so does this bobblehead. Get one of these beauties and add to your bobblehead collection. Are you just about to start collecting bobbleheads? Well, this is a perfect bobblehead to start with.

If you are a dancer, then this bobblehead takes a whole new meaning to you. Get this bobblehead depicting you in your favorite dance stance or midway your favorite dance move and forever immortalize the moment. Send your picture or the picture of whoever you want to be depicted and have the perfect lookalike bobblehead. Here is a sample of what the bobblehead could look like

Final thoughts

At mbobble there is an abundance of instrumentalist themed bobbleheads just right for you. You have a world of options to choose from. From guitars to flutes to drums and everything in between. Whatever instrument you want your bobblehead sculpted with, you can find at mbobble.

Show Them How Proud You Are With These 5 graduation bobbleheads.

Do you have kids who just graduated or is it your parent? Is it a friend or a member of your extended family. These bobbleheads are a perfect gift to present to anyone, regardless their age or sex. Fully personalize these bobbleheads, sculpture the perfect look-like dolls for the graduates and forever immortalize the wonderful moment. Below is a list of beautifully crafted bobbleheads to choose from.

1. Graduation bobblehead doll, model #B10320.

Graduation signifies the passage from an institution of learning into a more sophisticated world, be it a higher institution of learning, or the general working population. This passage is one worthy of being celebrated, and this for good reason. Not everybody who gets into learning institutions graduate, and this is not because of any weakness on their part either. But if you know someone who graduated, this is a testament of great strength and resilience on their part. For this alone, they deserve praise, and a gift to show for it. This wonderful bobblehead would do just that. Get the celebrant this bobblehead to always remind them of what it took to get where they are now and how they made it through regardless.

2. Custom graduation bobblehead, model #3114070.

This graduation bobblehead depicts an outstanding student, and is indeed meant for outstanding students. Going through any learning institution is never easy, and it indeed takes an outstanding mind and level of will power to accomplish this feat. Any graduate is outstanding and for the fact that they graduated alone, they deserve to be celebrated and celebrated with. Get them this bobblehead depicting a man standing behind a pulpit to symbolize their outstanding performance. Here is the link to view the model

3. Happy graduation bobblehead, model #B10318.

Graduation is something every student starts anticipating from the very moment they get into any learning institution, maybe even before they get admitted in the first place. So there is no surprise that the graduate would be filled with happiness at finally archiving this goal. Seeing you and other well wisher makes them happier. Make them even happier by getting them this bobblehead depicting them grinning happily at their achievement and show them just how proud you are of their great feat they achieved. Get the bobblehead here

4. These two college students graduate bobblehead

College is a place where teenagers make what could very well be the most important bonds of their lives. From long-lasting friendships to relationships, the college life indeed is what makes the man out of the boy and the woman out of the girl. So coming out of college victorious, cos indeed to graduate is to be victorious, one deserves to be celebrated. But one is never really alone in this journey. Friends and family and there support helped every step of the way. In most cases, there is even that one special person. Celebrate this person today with this bobblehead, depicting that one person that was of most help, the one person you certainly couldn’t do without. Visit to get this bobblehead.

5. Harry Potter graduation bobblehead

All work and no play indeed makes jack a dull boy. No group of people need this piece of advice more than than than recent graduates. With all the stress of the academic and learning process, it is easy to see how this could easily be forgotten. Remind them with this bobblehead. What’s all the work for if you don’t spend time enjoying the fruit of your labour? Remind them relaxation is important, and who knows, with this bobblehead, they might just be reminded to take things slow and watch a movie or two before they burnout. You could get this bobblehead at

You could get these bobbleheads and more from All bobbleheads on the platform are fully hand-crafted and are sculptured to be both precise and comic. For this, a picture(s) of whoever you would like to be sculpture would be needed to get a good look-alike doll. The picture(s) need to have a good and clear view if the person’s face fr almost all bobbleheads. You might also need to give basic descriptions if you want extra details made included in the dolls.

Remember you could always make changes to each one to fit your specific requirements. If you do not find a model you want, you could always choose the “head to toes customized bobblehead” option to create yours entirely from scratch. Delivery usually takes between 3 to 20 days, and the bobbleheads usually range in size from 6.5 to 9.6 inches.

6 Unique Custom Work Bobbleheads That Will Make Great Gifts

A bobblehead, a nodder, wobbler or whatever you feel more comfortable calling it is a beautiful gift idea for a loved one. Are you worried, thinking of the perfect gift for that brother, lover, father, friend or mentor this holiday? We bring you a simple solution to your problem. Gift them a fantastic collectible toy. It’s fun and adorable. It has an oversized head compared to its body, and instead of a solid connection, it comes with a spring or hooks connecting the head to the body, in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to bobble, hence the name. You will find below 6 unique custom work bobbleheads that will make great gifts.



There are very few things that can command the kind of respect that a good suit can. A well-tailored suit makes anyone look collected and put together. If you have professionals in your life that you would love to put a smile on their face or someone dear to you with big business goals, a customized bobblehead figurine is a great gift. Help them visualize their dreams by giving them a constant reminder of where they plan to be in the next couple of years.



After all, they do for you, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to thank a teacher. Teachers shape the minds of our children and our future and there are really no words to express gratitude for all that they do. Many of them are role models and they make a huge difference in the lives of children. Whether you are a parent, student, or a fellow teacher, you can express your gratitude for all that they do by customizing a teacher bobblehead for them. This will show how much you appreciate what they do and encourage them to do more.



Doctors are usually not given enough credit or the kind of appreciation they deserve. They work round the clock to ensure that people regain their health, most times at the detriment of their own health. The medical profession is one of the most important profession in the society and honestly, we need them for our everyday survival. A doctor is the “relief” who enters a family home on the brink of despair and takes the pressure off the patient and family, so the healing can begin.

Appreciate a doctor today by gifting him with a custom bobblehead to remind him of the good work he is doing, because buried under the massive pressure they feel, they will emerge to help you, heal you and care for you.



Those within the law enforcement are often looked at more negatively than they should but this shouldn’t be the case. It is their duty to protect and ensure the safety of the communities. And in the line of enforcing their duties, they are constantly putting themselves at risk for you, rapidly making decisions like the heroes that they are. Why not say thank you to the most selfless human beings on this planet by giving an officer close to you a unique custom work bobblehead to appreciate their selfless sacrifice every day.



Dads are pretty amazing human beings, but they often do not get enough credit for all that they do. Dads are great coaches, whether they’re coaching their kid at a game or through life, they do it so well. Asides from being a great coach, a dad is a fierce protector. They do not hesitate to instill fear in anyone that might want to harm their child. Don’t you just love the comfort of knowing your dad has always got your back? It sure does. Surprise him with his very own custom work bobblehead today.



Every day firefighters put their lives on the line to save people and property. Many of these firefighters are volunteers, so let’s pay them by showing our appreciation, thanking them for the valuable service they provide, and letting them know that we are very aware of the significant positive impact they have on our communities. You can do this by gifting a firefighter you know a custom fireman bobblehead doll.


Having a workplace bobblehead on your desk or your workspace shows your honest commitment and passion for your chosen career or job. Irrespective of the career path you have chosen, be it a lawyer, doctor, engineer or a firefighter, or one of the thousands of important people who make the system work smoothly and successfully, a workplace bobblehead is a great gift idea to inspire your loved one or even yourself and your colleagues.

Turn your groomsmen into bobbleheads with these 5 Best Man & Ushers Bobbleheads

Are you searching for that one of a kind groomsmen gift to honor and appreciate the groomsmen on your special day? Your groomsmen and best man are your best mates as they help you celebrate the most exciting times in your life. For this reason, they deserve a thank you gift and what better way to show your appreciation than with a customized groomsmen bobble head. Groomsmen bobble heads are amazing and fun gifts to present on your wedding day. Besides, they are amazing gifts which guarantee to never be forgotten. Mbobble offers amazing bobble head designs for groomsmen.

Below are some of the best groomsmen bobble heads you can find;


1- White suit groomsman bobble head.


White suits are perfect for any event, particularly weddings. There is also nothing like a groom wearing a crisp white suit jacket. So, is your groomsman wearing an all white suit on your special day? Are you stuck on the ideal gift to surprise him? Well, you can surprise them with a personalized custom groomsman bobble head with his likeness. Also, wearing a white suit, brown tie, and black shoes. The bobble head also holds the jacket over the shoulder, which gives it a very fashionable style to its look. This is a nice gift as it will make the groomsman love his outer appearance. It will also make the groomsman remember your special occasion forever.

Click here to view this awesome bobble head.


2- Tuxedo with a tail groomsman bobble head


Does your groomsman love wear tuxedos? Did he wear it at your special wedding day? Are you wondering on the perfect gift to surprise him? How about a personalized custom black tuxedo groomsman bobble head with his likeness. Also, wearing a tuxedo with a tail and a bow tie, with onto hands in the pocket. This gift will be quite sophisticated and elegant. It will also show your love and appreciation.

Click here to view this awesome bobble head.


3- White suit and red flower bobble head


Did your groomsman wear a white suit and black tie on your special day? Are you curious on what gift to you can give to show your appreciation? How about a custom groomsman bobble head with his likeness. Also, wearing a white suit and a black tie, holding a red flower in one hand and thumbs up with the other hand. This will be a unique gift and will show the groomsman’s unique style.

Click here to view this awesome bobble head.


4- Both hands in pocket bobble head


Does your groomsman more casual and laid back? Did he wear a black suit on your big day and loves to his both hands in his pockets? If so, are you searching for a unique and perfect gift for him? Well, how about a custom groomsman bobble head with his likeness. Also, wearing a black suit with both hands in the pockets. Simplicity is key to a perfect look. This is a perfect and sophisticated gift for that unexpected exterior. It will also show your appreciation for him and his style.
Click here to view this awesome bobble head.


5- Groomsmen bobbleheads


Do you want to honor and appreciate the groomsmen who helped you with your special day? Did they wear black suits on your big day? Are you stuck on the best and cool gift that will guarantee to remind them of this day? How about a custom groomsmen bobble head of the likeness of each groomsman. Also, wearing black suits and each putting one hand on the left side pocket. This will be a unique iconic and unique gift that will show their unique sense of style. It will also show your love and appreciation for them.

Click here to view this awesome bobble head.

In conclusion, groomsmen bobble head gifts are amazing gifts to honor and appreciate your groomsmen during your special day. A thoughtful and special gift always brings happiness and laughter. They are ideal, funny, quirky and memorable gifts from them as it serves as souvenirs of the big day for them. Check out mbobble for more stupendous groomsmen bobble head designs you can find and surprise your groomsmen today.





Top 6 Impressive Business Bobbleheads in 2017

Are you searching for gifts to surprise your boss, friend or even a coworker who has lately scored a new job? Then custom bobbleheads is the best answer to consider to put your mind at ease. Custom bobbleheads are amazing and they can make your new desk or office interesting and a great. They also provide unique methods to celebrate or remember special occasions. Bobbleheads are fun, interesting and are original collectibles, making them the best gifts you can offer to a special person. You can order your customizable bobblehead today online and receive any face you require on the bobblehead body. Mbobble offers amazing bobblehead designs related to business.

Below I have added up some of the top business bobbleheads you can get.

1- Best friend bobblehead


Do you have a colleague or a coworker in your company that  you care about and want to buy a gift for them? Then a best friend bobblehead with both of your faces is the best gift you can offer. This shows your trust level of friendship and how much you appreciate them for making you completely satisfied and effective or productive with your work. This also creates a healthy and a favourable working environment.

Click here  to view this bobblehead

2- Black suit bobbleheads 


Do you have a co-worker (your boss even) who loves to wear black suits? Black suits are perfect for business. They give you stunning looks and tend to surpass the crowd. So if you are looking to surprise a black suit wearer, you can design a black suit bobblehead with their face on them. This makes them to love their sense of fashion or style and feel dignified.

Click here  to view this bobblehead

3- Blue suit bobbleheads 


If you have a colleague who loves to wear blue suits, you might consider buying them a blue suit bobblehead with their face on them. Blue suits can be customized by just including little fashion details since they are straightforward, simple and perfect for business. By giving them this gift they feel fit for the job and they feel recognized for the great efforts they put in their work.

Click here to view this bobblehead

4- Partnership bobbleheads


Do you have a business partner who has helped you to add values and  bring sufficient capital to your business or improved your business skills and support your business and much more? Nevertheless, a good partner deserves to be rewarded and appreciated. Giving them a partnership bobblehead with both your faces can make them feel appreciated for the services they provide leading to future benefits of your company.

Click here to view this bobblehead

5- Success bobbleheads 


What kind of gift could you award your friend or coworker for becoming successful in their business career? What can be greater than having your face painted in a bobblehead? This makes them feel appreciated and it motivates them to become more and more successful.  Mbobble offers great designs of success bobbleheads you desire.

Click here to view this bobblehead

6- Sales person bobblehead


If you have a sales person who has helped you increase your sales income, ensure customer satisfaction and contribute to economic growth of your company, they truly deserve to be appreciated. But what kind of  gift can you offer a sales person? Mbobble has great designs you can choose from. You can have their face put in a bobblehead while holding a sales chart. This will truly put a smile on their face every morning when they sit at their office or desk.

Click here to view this bobblehead

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering on how to surprise or what gifts you can give  your special person for their anniversary, birthday, promotions, graduation and much more, you can consider using bobbleheads. Bobbleheads are great gifts and its unique and original ways make them great presents for you to offer to your loved ones. They are fun, symbolic and interesting. Have a look at  Mbobble and view  their many bobblehead designs related to business.



Looking for an awesome gift for a bodybuilder

Looking for an awesome gift for a bodybuilder? Remind him how strong he is with these bodybuilding bobblehead dolls


If the man in your life is a bodybuilder or is trying to get there and is passionate about this sport, pay him a tribute with a bobblehead of him. These days, you can highly personalize the bobblehead to resemble the one you’re giving it too. They will be life two drops of water.

All our dolls are handmade and the sizes may slightly vary, but expect a 6.5 or 9.6-inch version or your bodybuilder friend when we deliver the final product. It comes with a huge smile and a nodding head.

1- A custom bodybuilder muscleman bobblehead


This custom doll of a bodybuilder muscleman is a sexy, pumped up hunk you do not want to mess with. We model the facial features after the pictures you send to us to perfectly resemble the person in them. The body is also carefully sculpted to follow the anatomical shapes of the muscles and can be personalized in terms of the shade of skin color and clothing. Boxing and bodybuilding are great ways to stay in shape and also practice self-defense. Your friend or family member will surely appreciate a doll that incorporates that.

2- A strongman personalized bobblehead doll


This custom strongman bobblehead is a great gift for your friend or family member. It screams confidence and power and it will make the receiver smile and believe in himself. This bobblehead has a really nice defined body, with muscles flexing and a straight pose. It is a great gift for a man who likes to challenge himself in the gym or practice difficult physical activities. You can choose the hair color, eye color and the color of the pants.

3- Custom bobblehead of a winning boxer


This doll depicts your friend or family member as the winning boxer in an epic fight. Your friend will look like the king of fighters and will surely appreciate your gesture. The figurine is wearing boxing shorts you can personalize with the colors he likes or even a monogram. It is also wearing boxing fingerless gloves, that gives him a super cool look. Boxing is a great sport for ambitious men who fight with honor and sportsmanship.

Check the models we have and choose the right one for your bodybuilding friend, father, uncle or brother. This gift will mean a lot for someone who is passionate about sports and it will serve as a great motivation for him to train and keep a high level of confidence.

Best bobblehead reviews for basketball fans


It’s hard to choose a gift for our loved ones. The perfect gift is fit to their personality and passions and comes from the heart. Many people prefer a personal gift to a very expensive one that does not fit their character.

Bobbleheads are the perfect gift for anyone because they are highly customizable and they can be fitted to that person’s lifestyle. You can choose thematic bobbleheads, like pets, sports, cars, hobbies, and events. It’s a great way to show that you really know that person and you celebrate their uniqueness.

Basketball and bobbleheads have a strong connection throughout their history. Sports events have given the bobbleheads the high popularity they are enjoying now. Custom bobbleheads used to be given to fans at celebratory games and they are valuable collectibles in the sporting world.

Here are some bobbleheads you can order for the basketball lover in your life.

Male personalized basketball player


This doll of a custom basketball player bobblehead will make your friend or family member happy. You can personalize the doll to have the right color of hair, eyes, and uniform. Send pictures of the person you will give the doll to and the bobblehead will be custom made to resemble the face from every angle. This doll will be a reminder of the true passion basketball can be and a motivation to train and stay fit.

Custom bobblehead holding basketball


Another good example of a basketball bobblehead is this personalized doll holding a basketball. These dolls are handmade and their size can vary, but you can expect a 6.5 inch or 9.6 inch replica of your friend or family member. This bobblehead can be personalized with your own choice of uniform colors, eyes, and hair. Again, the facial features will match the real person and your gift will surely be unique.

Female basketball player bobblehead doll


Women and girls can be equally attracted to basketball, as it is a great form of exercise and strong team sport. For the female friend who loves basketball, choose this personalized bobblehead of her holding a basketball. You can choose the uniform and hair colors, but you can also add tattoos, glasses, accessories and other elements that add to the doll’s personality.

Choose a model for the basketball lover in your life and send pictures of that person. Artists will give it a high resemblance to the real person and you will give your approval for every step of the creation process.