8 Humorous bobbleheads that will make awesome gifts

Sometime it becomes hard to make up your mind about the best presents to have for your nears and dears. Bobbleheads are an innovative and fun way to make special gifts. Whether it is for your loved one or for your friends, these sculptured dolls will definitely not disappoint you. Check out our Humorous bobbleheads that will make awesome gifts for any occasion.


1. Superman bobblehead dolls

A content and well-adjusted individual never considers life too seriously constantly and dependably sets aside a few minutes for humour and a feeling of fun. Indeed, even in the reality of the working environment, stress and pressure can simply be assuaged by a little diversion. Utilize a fun Bobblehead to empower pressure help and demonstrate that even you can some of the time let your hair down.

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2. Man hold beer and fish bobbleheads

A must-have for every fishing lover out there because indeed, even the most devoted working individual needs to unwind sooner or later and to hang out with companions, enjoy a reprieve with family or just to appreciate a little isolation. These are things that total a very much healthy lifestyle. Regardless of whether your relaxing time includes fiery exercises, calm thought while angling or essentially sunbathing on a stylish shoreline, you will locate a full scope of practical easy-going Bobbleheads in our shop.

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3. Playing cards bobbleheads

Do you and your friends ace at cards, or are you just a fan of game in general? This bobblehead doll will be the perfect gift or memoir for you in any case because whether you are a hard working person, or a jovial person, everyone needs some method to relax. You should simply send a photo of whose model you need made and you are prepared to go. Make a point to have an unmistakable front view for a flawless portrayal. Delivery takes between 6-35 days.

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4. Work man bobblehead dolls

Effective organizations are manufactured by incredible men and an extraordinary man presents himself to the world with planning, great preparation, the correct clothing and the utilization of the most elevated amount of expert, specialized or craftsman aptitudes. In this classification, you will discover customary business Bobbleheads very useful that will be bearing witness to your prosperity, and giving a entertaining, yet evident, proof of your bustling life.

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5. iPhone Holder Bobblehead


Why go for a typical phone holder when you get your very own personalised bobblehead iPhone holder? You can show the innovative and creative side of your personality with this unique bobble head and have a good laugh with your friends every time they see it.

What’s more, the dolled sculptures can be shipped anywhere in the world and we will show you head proofs, body proofs (if full custom is utilized) and colour proof every step of the way.

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6. Strong body bobblehead

Whether your friend is a gym freak, a fitness freak, or he or she just believes in living healthy, this bobblehead doll will be the most perfect gift for them. When you place your order, each progression can be affirmed or altered, and if a change is asked for, we will correct the doll and give another confirmation –and when it is accepted by you, we will prepare your sculpture and ship it to you as a final step.

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7. Cooks bobbleheads

Cooking is such an important part of your day to day life, and being a chef is one of the most challenging careers out there. Honour this subtle yet necessary art with our custom cook bobbleheads that will go flawlessly well at your workplace or at your mantlepiece. Because, what better approach to demonstrate the world that you don’t consider everything seriously other than with an ‘Only for the sake of entertainment’ Bobblehead?

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8. Doctor bobbleheads with gun and hammer

Show your patients and your friends an amusing side of you with this humorous bobblehead sculpture of  you or your doctor friend’s face standing with a gun and hammer. Also, having a working environment Bobblehead noticeable around your work area or in your workspace obviously expresses the fair sense of duty regarding your picked vocation or occupation.

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Most of our sculptures are between 6.5 Inch (Free) to 9.6 Inch. As all of our pieces are handmade, sizes can vary. We show you head proofs, body proofs (if required) and colour proofs. At each step, your order can be approved or modified. Once we receive approvals, we will bake and move on to the next stage, and we cannot move backwards.

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