5 amazing bobbleheads for your musician friend!

Choosing what gift to offer a musician friend or family member can be a tough choice. What exactly can you offer him? The instrument he plays? What if he has one already and doesn’t want to replace it yet. Besides, music instruments can get very expensive. What about an album of his favorite singer or band? But that’s not an original thought, what if somebody else gifts him the same thing? Perhaps you should offer him tickets to a concert he might like…

Stop asking yourself all these questions. Because today, we have the solution for you. We have the right gift idea that won’t cost you a fortune, unique and original, and will surely become his favorite gift as it a representation of him and his favorite music or instrument. If you didn’t guess it yet, we are talking about bobblehead dolls. What better gift idea that will not only be funny but also special and memorable?

In today’s post, we are giving 5 amazing bobblehead dolls to offer your musician friend.

1- The singing addict!


Is your friend a singing addict? Does he spend most his day singing? Is he singing under the shower, when he’s walking down the street, when he’s thinking, and whenever he gets the chance? You can’t blame him! That’s how much he loves music. The gift you give to him should be worthy of that amount of loves he shares for music.

This bobblehead doll seems to do just that. It’s a custom bobblehead that you can create with his face. With a mic in his hand, black shoes matching a black t-shirt, and blue jeans, your friend will look like a real rockstar. His love for singing is obvious as he’s singing and shouting from the bottom of his heart!

The person receiving this gift will definitely love it. As it shows the special bond he has with singing. Making it a special and memorable gift.

2- The DJ

DJs are special people. They mix, create and produce great music for us. And we should be thankful for that. Especially if the DJ is your friend or relative. Such a special person should be rewarded with a special gift.

This will surely be the special gift you’re looking for.  This bobblehead doll depicts your friend standing in front of a DJ mixing table. Wearing a white sweater and big smile on his face, doing what he does best and loves the most, Djying! 

Even if your friend is not a DJ, but is a huge fan of many DJs, has their posters all over his room, or simply dreams of becoming a DJ, this can be the perfect gift for him.



3- The guitarist

We can’t talk about music or musicians without mentioning the guitarist! This bobblehead doll is the ideal gift for your friend, coworker or family member that loves playing the guitar.

Represent him with his acoustic guitar, blue jeans, black shoes, and a cool t-shirt. Needless to say, this bobblehead will look like exactly like him, but in a unique and fun way.

The person you’re gifting this bobblehead doll to doesn’t necessarily have to own a guitar. If he likes acoustic songs this can still be an ideal gift.


4- The pianist

Who doesn’t love piano music? It’s just out of this world. Especially when played by a skilled pianist. 

This bobblehead doll is meant to be an original gift to offer to the piano player. As a way to thank him for the great music, he plays for you, to celebrate a special occasion, or simply to motivate him to keep doing what he loves and improve his piano skills. 

If your the person to whom you want to offer this bobblehead doesn’t even know how to play the piano, that’s fine! This will still make an awesome gift if he likes to listen to piano music, or is a fan of a famous pianist. What better way to show his love for piano music than to actually depict him playing the piano?


5- The rockstar guitarist

Do you have a friend, colleague or family member that plays the electric guitar? Or maybe he loves to listen to guitar solos. What if he’s just constantly playing Guitar Hero on his console. Or perhaps he’s just a huge fan of rock and roll. Well, this is exactly the right gift for him.

Wearing a black leather outfit from head to toe, he certainly looks like a true rockstar.  Holding his yellow guitar, and raising his hand like a champion, you can’t think of better representation for your friend. He will without a doubt be proud of this gift, and show it with pride to everyone he knows!

As with all bobblehead dolls on this list, you can create it using your friend’s face so that it looks exactly like him. You can also add other features such as tattoos, glasses, and hats. 



Bobblehead dolls are always unique and exceptional gifts. Depict your loved one playing his favorite musical instrument, and he will without a doubt find your gift special and unique, and will remember it for many years. 

You can customize all the bobbleheads on this list as you wish. Simply provide us with a picture, and we will make the doll look like your friend, in a unique, appealing and fun way. You can also choose, the hair color, the color of the eyes, the doll size, etc… But that’s not all! You can also add numerous features such as tattoos, glasses, hats, helmets, or even text on the doll’s t-shirt. 

All this customization and features serve one purpose, which is making the gift as personal and as closely related to your loved one as possible. Our aim is to help you get them a special gift that they feel a connection with. It’s that connection and special bond that will make them remember you and your gift forever.

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