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Looking for an awesome gift for a bodybuilder

Looking for an awesome gift for a bodybuilder? Remind him how strong he is with these bodybuilding bobblehead dolls


If the man in your life is a bodybuilder or is trying to get there and is passionate about this sport, pay him a tribute with a bobblehead of him. These days, you can highly personalize the bobblehead to resemble the one you’re giving it too. They will be life two drops of water.

All our dolls are handmade and the sizes may slightly vary, but expect a 6.5 or 9.6-inch version or your bodybuilder friend when we deliver the final product. It comes with a huge smile and a nodding head.

1- A custom bodybuilder muscleman bobblehead


This custom doll of a bodybuilder muscleman is a sexy, pumped up hunk you do not want to mess with. We model the facial features after the pictures you send to us to perfectly resemble the person in them. The body is also carefully sculpted to follow the anatomical shapes of the muscles and can be personalized in terms of the shade of skin color and clothing. Boxing and bodybuilding are great ways to stay in shape and also practice self-defense. Your friend or family member will surely appreciate a doll that incorporates that.

2- A strongman personalized bobblehead doll


This custom strongman bobblehead is a great gift for your friend or family member. It screams confidence and power and it will make the receiver smile and believe in himself. This bobblehead has a really nice defined body, with muscles flexing and a straight pose. It is a great gift for a man who likes to challenge himself in the gym or practice difficult physical activities. You can choose the hair color, eye color and the color of the pants.

3- Custom bobblehead of a winning boxer


This doll depicts your friend or family member as the winning boxer in an epic fight. Your friend will look like the king of fighters and will surely appreciate your gesture. The figurine is wearing boxing shorts you can personalize with the colors he likes or even a monogram. It is also wearing boxing fingerless gloves, that gives him a super cool look. Boxing is a great sport for ambitious men who fight with honor and sportsmanship.

Check the models we have and choose the right one for your bodybuilding friend, father, uncle or brother. This gift will mean a lot for someone who is passionate about sports and it will serve as a great motivation for him to train and keep a high level of confidence.