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Custom Bobblehead Doll – A Bobbling Christmas Gift Idea

Toys and actions figures have always been popular with kids and adults. There has always been a huge demand to create customized toys and figures as Christmas gifts that resemble people. For Christmas, some firms do provide such services by replicating figures of individuals in toys. Bobblehead dolls make a right choice for collectibles and excellent Christmas gifts. They are commonly placed in cars, vehicles and as tabletop collections. Bobbleheads have been used for many years as customized Christmas gifts, souvenirs, and merchandise.

This year, a great Christmas gift idea has hit the Internet – customized bobblehead dolls. This latest Christmas gift idea is catching like wildfire. All that you need to do is select images and messages that you want to be printed on these bobblehead dolls, and simply order online. These images can be your personal pictures or generic ones like Santa or Lord Jesus.

Custom bobbleheads are an excellent idea to have fun during Christmas. These dolls are made using intricate art and design. They look funny and hence using them as customized gifts is not just amusing but affordable. Some popular doll designs available for Christmas include Santa Claus, Elves, Reindeer and even Christmas trees. What sets this collectible apart from others types of collectibles is their size and look. Bobblehead dolls are familiar with cartoon characters. They are designed using a slightly larger head with small bodies, keeping in mind its highlight feature.


Bobblehead dolls have evolved in design since they were first introduced. Poly resin clay and polymer clay are preferred materials used to design these dolls. These dolls are not to be confused as being tradition Christmas collectibles. They are available all throughout the year in the shape of several popular objects, toys, and celebrities. Many services offer to create personalized bobblehead doll on request and at affordable prices. Bobblehead doll creators use a standardized automated process which makes the creation of these dolls easy and quick. These are the only collectibles that come in a different range of styles. Clients can choose a Christmas theme for their personal customizations.

Bobblehead dolls have often been part of history. Its usage in sports has played a huge role in shaping sports such as baseball. Bobblehead dolls of baseball celebrities are quite popular. The number of details that can be added to these dolls ranges from colors to personal accessories that help to give these dolls a unique identity. These dolls are all about having fun and creating harmless mischief. Like Christmas, customized bobblehead dolls are just about spreading happiness and experiencing the joy of the holidays.


There are many manufacturers on the web that offers these dolls. They can be contacted directly from the website for any order related information. Bobblehead dolls with common style and designs can be produced immediately as compared to those with a customized look. Due to the introduction of new manufacturing methods, the cost of making bobblehead dolls has reduced. These dolls are the best way to gift friends and family souvenirs. Rest assured it would bring a smile on your loved one’s face. For detailed information, you can check out the relevant websites that offer these dolls. Make sure that you purchase from a reliable store or manufacturer that offers the best quality dolls at an affordable price.

A customized bobblehead doll is the latest Christmas gift idea on the Internet this year. Each year on Christmas, people look for a gift idea that is unique, personal and inexpensive. Sadly, there are not many ideas out there fit all these criteria. So, we buy the same MP3 players, Wii sets or iPhones. We end up spending lot more than we had budgeted and at the end of the day, we are not even sure that the person receiving these gifts will not get them in duplicates. In fact, so many times this happens to us too when we end up receiving the same gift twice or thrice. This makes the bobblehead doll idea even more appealing as this gift will surely be unique and different from others.

So, what all can you do with a bobblehead doll to make it a personal gift? Well, first of all, you can add an image of your choice. This image can be the image of your receiver or a general image like Santa or Lord Jesus or Virgin Mary. A great example could be to have an image of your last reunion and present that to your college mates.

Another way that you can personalize your bobblehead doll gift is by adding a personal message on the doll. Let’s say your friend became a father this year so you can put a message like “This doll is for the three of you!” or for your father who retired this year, the message could be “You worked your heart up, now shake your head!”


Personalized Bobbleheads are here to stay; that much is clear. Their popularity as wedding cake toppers is unprecedented, and they are immensely versatile. We attribute their popularity to the fact that they are so very personal. They speak directly to the person being made, their life, hobbies, things they love or experiences they have shared. The handmade element may not be their most exciting aspect, but it brings a special feeling to the bobble heads, in a time when even greeting cards are digital. It represents time, personal dedication and uniqueness embedded in them.

All in all, I found this great latest Christmas gift idea quite appealing and that brings in all the three criteria of being unique, personal & inexpensive. The recall value for something like a bobblehead doll, which is usually found on people’s cars, desks or living rooms, is immense and is sure to make you popular among family and friends.

So, instead of spending your time looking for deals on the regular gifts, spend your time on thinking about the pictures or messages that you can use for the dolls for your loved ones. The bobblehead dolls always end up close to the person like on the office desk or in the car or the living room. So this latest Christmas gift idea is sure to last a long time in the memory of the receiver.